Marketing Strategies

What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing allows you to promote your products and services online at a lower cost than traditional advertising such as yellow pages. It helps you grow your business because it provides qualified leads from potential customers who are looking for your products and services.

In today’s virtual space, the Internet is not only the niche for knowledge but also considered now as the shopping mall to all. For this reason, it is very important for the online businessmen to look for ways in order to convince and attract customers to opt for their website. Thus, Online Store Design and Development goes out in the picture. They are the partner of the sellers in promoting and advertising their products. They are experts in website designing, marketing developing and so forth. They always keep an eye to your business identity.

Marketing consulting includes:

Goals and tasks. Clearly put goals help to reduce a lot of time and expenses. Before launching off a project it's recommended to clarify the terms in witch you want to do analysis and to get desired results. And, the comes from goals.
Audience picture, to witch your promotion will be directed. Audience can be divided at list into the six types according to the terms and conditions; location, age, gender, interest, education, income, and other subtle terms.
Internet audience presence analysis. Here we determine the type of potential customer (car buyers, dress, furniture and str.) After that we do check out factual audience presence and its volume. For preparations reasons of this part of work open statistics and market researches might be used.
Advertising Types and Formats picturing. Here the ways of site's promotion must be chosen and pictured. It might be, for example, PR-steps, search advertising, graphical banners, advertisement placement in specialized web-sites and advertising out of Web as well.
Schedule of advertising shows. Consists out of show place, time, format, infectivity of shows and its cost.
Waited effect from advertising steps. Probably the most effective way to figure out results of promotion is sales increasing (primer and secondary. Although, the such numbers not always might be traced. It appears to be easer tracing the customers phone calls, an amount of site visitors and str. But still we do not recommend to rely on these points only as ultimate.

Virus marketing

It does not matters if your company big or small the virus marketing can be helpful to get your customers so interested that they will advertise you among their partners and colleges just because you got memorable to them by your outstanding. Your message in running line, small PC game, short downloadable clip, interesting wallpaper for PC and str. All this will be converted by us into the lips advertising (from one to one)

Basics of virus marketing.

Audience. Your customers are those ones who have to get your news first. Satisfied customer is the best one of all for good public opinion. To know this opinion you have to think of getting statistics of your site attending managed witch related to e-mailing.
Unlikeness. To make news of yours well spread it's nesecirely to make them interesting. The more it's going to be interesting the more it's going to be transferred in lip to lip way.
Urge. Internet marketing is to make your customers buying your goods. And, we are to make your customers paying attention to your trade mark and make them clicking to know more of you.
Tracing. Statistic lists and analysis of audience, the your site visitors.

Partnership and marketing

We help our clients to find out partners on-line and increase their own business. Due to our knowledge of famous internet personalities we will help you to increase your marketing projects.

1. Advertising and communication.
Internet became one of the best means for people communication. We offer you to increase your deeds in internet through on-line advertising:
- background helping to make your trade mark and you services memorable.
- Visual support by photos and videos.
- business plan to bring your message up to the internet users.
- constant analysis of effectivity of your steps there.
2. E-mailing.
We compose, launch and analyze your e-mailing. These steps will help you in:
- to increase amount of your site visitors.
- to sign up a contract
- to present a new goods or service of yours,
- to make you keep in touch with your customer and make him come back to your web-site again.
- increase data base of site visitors who want to know about all changes and news of yours.
To reach these goals we step as following:
- the form of sighing for e-mailing (paying attention to motivation of sighing ones)
- informational and motivational companies (for long-term relationships keeping). Besides of useful and interesting information exchanging our promotion programs allow to create data base of concerned clients.
- checking out the results of informational e-mailings. And, tracing the reaction of internet users.



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