Website Designs and Strategies


A website defines your company.

It is the first impression of your company.

It defines your market and your audience.


There are three basic type of websites:

  • Business
  • Social
  • Personnel

Pick which audiences you attend to address, and get started.

Today, a successful merchant must use every medium available to generate business. Internet is one of the most powerful mediums available to merchants today. By using the a website and a few tools. One can can full advantage of this industry. We have sent you this ad to help you get Started on your e-commerce business off on the right foot. Start with our Merchant Services. Take a moment and explore some of the services being offered.

Here is a few question you should consider

1.. Your domain Name
  Your Domain Name is your Brand Protection. To protect your brand it's a good idea to buy a domain names similar to yours to prevent competitors from using them. Often companies will not only buy the .com version of their name, but the .uk, .com, .org, .net,, .biz, and .info versions as well. To avoid future disappointment buy them all for at least two years.
2 How fast does you website load?
  This is the number one overlooked consideration in webdisign. Sure your website looks cool once is is loaded. But who is your audience, and what kind of systems do they use? A 3g tablet, a 3g smart phone, A celeron system, or something else. If an old systems works and can access the internet it can be used. It never an equipment problem it your site..
3. Who is your Audience?


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